Bas Burghard

expo / YOUNGBLOOD nominees

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht


My graduation project started out with a thought I had about electronic music and how relatively “young” this music is. This sparked ideas as to what an electronic instrument would have looked like, had it been designed in a time where instruments like that were unthinkable.

A concept came to mind, to create Printed Circuit Boards using natural materials, such as stone and wood. Although I really liked the aesthetic of these materials as circuit boards, the sound was still the same shrieking, electronic sound I already knew, and the material didn’t really change anything about this. At this point I realised that I wanted to make something that sounded a little more natural as well.

That’s how the installation I created for my graduation project came to life. It consists of a set of four circuit boards made out of stone. Above these stones, an organic shape hangs. From the shape, drops of water fall down. With the use of some electronic components the electricity running through the drops of water is translated into dark and deep tones, creating a slow rhythm, which is constantly changing.