Frederik de Wilde



HyperThinker #2 – TheRight2Silence


Thinking is a solipsistic activity that we do on our own. Yet, as thinkers we are also plural and relational in our online and offline lives.

HyperThinker#2 – TheRight2Silence exposes our hyper-connectivity by the subversive act of jamming gps and wifi networks in the vicinity of the artwork, hence critically questioning the nature of the radical shifts that hyper-connectivity impose on the human condition.


KillWifi – KillGPS


De Wilde’s HyperThinker renders us network-less and unreachable, while challenging us to reflect upon our relation with digital networks (e.g what to block and what not, ‘quite’ zones, the right to silence, the ‘grey’ legal zones, …), machines, algorithms, contemporary rituals and ultimately ourselves.







They say that people fear the things they don’t understand. This was true of Victor Frankenstein’s fictional monster and it’s certainly true of the Dark Web or Darknet. Dr. Frankenstein used technology to create a monster he couldn’t stop. He never stopped to consider the ramifications of what he was doing – or even think if he should. Dark Web is something big that you can’t imagine, which is hidden in the dark side of the internet whose contents are not indexed by any standard search engines like Google or Yahoo or Bing. It’s not such a surprise that there are many stories about the Dark Web and the things that go on there. Due to its very nature, the Dark Web invites sensationalism. It’s difficult to verify claims and is still very obscure. 


*  No advanced VPN service needed for watching.
*  Warning: Extreme graphical images and sounds.
*  Be safe and be Anonymity, wherever you go.