designlab ut 13 dec. 2018

gogbot cafe






An inspiring evening with special guests from the connecting worlds of art and science, ethics and technology.

GOGBOT Café 6 explores the increasing fusion of infotechnology and biotechnology, with unexpected scenarios, from oral seks to digital dictatorship and the end of liberalism.





Femke Nijboer  (UT neurotechnology)


Kuang-Yi Ku  (Taiwan/NL,  master graduate Design Academy Eindhoven 2018)


Quintus Glerum  (award winning graduate st Joost Academie Breda 2018, GOGBOT Youngblood Award nominee 2018)


Mary Ponomareva  (NL/Ru, artist/designer, master graduate Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam 2017)


Edwin Dertien  (Robotics, mechatronics, UT)


Jacco Borggreve  – live performance (Bio+body artist, AKI 2018 graduate)


GOGBOT 2018 Curious Inc.  Award winning Creative Technology students UT


Thom Floris  – DJ / Sounddesign


Julian van Aalderen  –  live VJ on the (analogue) Amiga computer



Hosted by Alma Schaafstal (UT CreaTE), Frank Kresin (director UT Designlab), Kees de Groot (creative director GOGBOT)



13 Dec 2018
20:00 – 23:00 (doors open at 19:30)
IDEATE, DesignLab University of Twente

building THE GALLERY
Hengelosestraat 500 (entrance Pinetumweg)
7521 AN Enschede


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GOGBOT Café is a series of research and development for the festival themes of TEC ART Rotterdam (6-10 feb 2019) and GOGBOT Enschede (5-8 sept 2019), produced by PLANETART Medialab.

GOGBOT Café 6 is powered by Twente University, the city of Enschede and the province of Overijssel.