Jacco Borggreve

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Jacco Borggreve is a Netherlands-based new media and performance artist who has used implants, biomedical sensors, data-exhibitionism and automated processing to research the quantified self, data-ontology, death, self, unity and the body. He became national news after using his implant to broadcast his location in a performance that lasted eight months. He was a guest curator for a series of exhibitions in Lil’ Amsterdam Gallery, his work was awarded the Trias Innovationis prize for Art & Science by QAQS. Borggreve is currently involved in research within the faculties of Smart City Research, Smart Textiles and Ambient Intelligence at Saxion University of Applied Sciences where he is leading a course on capacitive relational thinking, supervising a graduation project on the use of EEG systems in Smart City development.




How can we try to define the quantified self? do we view it as a tool, an extension of the self or maybe a different kind of entity altogether? What emerges in the entangled mesh of the human body, when data is extracted and given a body of its own. Using EMG, EEG, ECG, cameras, and microphones, Borggreve explores the possibilities of artificial non-biological life. The artist argues that the appropriate response to the emerging questions regarding post-human life lies not in a technical approach per se, but rather in a reevaluation of the current lens we view life in.