Lu Yang



Electromagnetic Brainology
5-channel video installation
NL première


In Buddhism, the four great elements are fire, earth, water, and air. Lu Yang reimagines the elements as superhero gods, each corresponding to a different part of the human central nervous system. Together the gods combat the troubles of humanity, alleviating the pressures of life through a host of specialized weaponry. Without even one of the gods, humanity is lost.



“Lu Yang, the prodigiously talented enfant terrible of the Chinese art scene. Utilizing a wild mix of imagery drawn from Japanese manga and anime, online gaming culture, sci-fi, neuroscience and religion, she asks what it means to be human in the 21st century. The results—which take the form of 3-D animations, video games, augmented-reality sculptures, prints, drawings and 3D-printed objects—are fascinating but definitely not for the squeamish. Lu Yang’s work, in fact, contains something to alarm almost everyone.”  Art in America


“Among Lu’s many fascinations are pop culture — from Japan, especially — eastern religions and philosophy. Gender identity, sexuality, consciousness, neuroscience, death and the human body all feature widely in her acclaimed videos and installations, which have been exhibited in and outside China.”  CNN

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