Nils Mühlenbruch / Drifter TV


Nils Mühlenbruch is a freelance designer en visual artist. He founded Drifter TV in the year 2000 as a platform for a variety of audiovisual projects as well as interactive animation and VJ Performance. He is best known for his VJ performance act Drifter TV live, a collaboration with DJ producer Remko v d Drift. Drifter TV live played many a venue both in the Netherlands as well as abroad.


Head of heads is an interactive audiovisual installation made by Nils Mühlenbruch. Animations and sounds can be operated by means of button controls. The projection shows a head that is made up by photo fragments and graphic elements. The animations contain sounds that express both recognisable as welll as unrecognisable vocal sounds and words. The interactive element enables the viewer to bring the head to life.
The title ‘Head of heads’ refers to the Maffia name for ‘boss’: capo di tutti capi, head of all the heads, boss of bosses. The head on display in that respect is different, it is made up of multiple heads. Each head represents a different character or identity. It raises the question who is head of the heads?, it’s up to the viewer to play with these different characters and identities.