Sanne Schilders

expo / YOUNGBLOOD nominees

Willem de Kooning Academy/Piet Zwart Institute


Seeing Machines – 
Making meaning of the sun 


Seeing Machines 

Humans are not the only ones who can perceive the world; in the digital era, machines also ‘see’ the world, often producing and interpreting images for other machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents are able to make sense of the world in their own way, and just like humans, they use photography in order to expand their perception onto the far reaches of the universe. 

‘Seeing Machines’ aims to introduce the recent field of Computer Vision, with a range of imaging algorithms dedicated to the analysis and identification of images. This form of synthetic vision asks us to consider a new and still undefined approach to vision and photography. In what ways can machine perception expand the field of photography, hereby questioning scientific objectivity and our outlook on life.