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We Xist’ is a Virtual Reality game created by ten Saxion CMGT (Creative Media & Game Technologies).

Stefan Pelskamp – Ingenieur
Alexander Shanov – Audio-designer
Carlos Klazinga – 3D-generalist
Rob van Schooten – Conceptartist
Anton Volkholz – 3D-artist
Viktor Nedelchev – Story director
Luca Huys – Compositor
Mariska Wildeboer – Director
Robert Aanstoot – Director
Iris Reuver – Rigger


‘We Xist’ follows up on a previous CMGT project, ‘They Are‘, that introduces us to a story set in the distant future where a species of highly intelligent aliens contact earth. The aliens are eager to share and demonstrate their superb knowledge, causing human technology to advance rapidly.

Then one day, the aliens, along with a group of human scientists, lock themselves into their spaceship, never to be seen again.

In We Xist the story continues and takes new turns…


20 years ago from the present, a benevolent, highly intelligent alien species makes contact with earth. Landing their spaceship in the middle of a large metropolitan area. Eager to share their knowledge with the earthlings, technology advances at a rapid rate under the advanced knowledge of the aliens.

But on one day, the aliens decide to lock themselves away inside their spaceship, along with a group of scientists that also disappeared with them. The world around them is in shock and confused, but neither the aliens or the scientists have shown themselves since that day.

With no way for the world to enter the highly advanced spaceship, governments and militaries fail to do anything about the situation. The world has since forgotten all the good the aliens brought, but it never forgot or forgave the aliens for how they went completely silent out of nowhere and took some of their brightest people. The ship abandoned by everyone except for the last security personnel.

Meet Peter, a young documentarian that is intrigued by the aliens and studies their impact on the world. This is not completely unrelated, Peter’s father was one of the scientists that disappeared along with the aliens. Eager to try and get to the bottom of his father’s disappearance, he has been trying to get answers for the last 20 years.

One day, Peter gets a call from a mysterious source who calls herself Hannah. She claims to know how Peter can get into the ship and wants to help him do that. She invites him over to a train station, promising to meet him there and get his journey to find his father started.”


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We Xist’ is een Virtual Reality spel ontwikkeld door tien Saxion CMGT (Creative Media & Game Technologies).

Stefan Pelskamp – Ingenieur
Alexander Shanov – Audio-ontwerper
Carlos Klazinga – 3D-generalist
Rob van Schooten – Conceptartiest
Anton Volkholz – 3D-artiest
Viktor Nedelchev – Story director
Luca Huys – Compositor
Mariska Wildeboer – Regisseur
Robert Aanstoot – Regisseur
Iris Reuver – Rigger


We Xist is een vervolg van een voorgaand CMGT-project, ‘They Are’, waarin we mee worden genomen naar een verhaal in de verre toekomst waar een soort hyperintelligente aliens contact maken met de planeet aarde. De aliens willen maar al te graag hun uitmuntende kennis delen en demonstreren, waardoor de techonogie zoals de mens deze kende zich in een enorm tempo aanpast.

Dan, op een dag, sluiten de aliens samen met een groep menselijke onderzoekers zich op in hun ruimteschip en worden nooit meer teruggevonden.

In We Xist gaat het verhaal verder en krijgt het nieuwe wendingen…


Meer informatie over ‘We Xist’ vind je op hun YouTube channel >